Saturday, November 1

My E-bike

It was quite cool when I set off on my e-bike this morning.  I love my bike - love it that I can choose to pedal, or pedal hard.  I can choose to be kind to my right dicky-knee.  I went first to the Beachmere Markets - a bit quiet there but I visited most of the stalls.   Then for a wander to the beach front.  Low tide again.  I just love the scenery when the tide is low.   There were great groups of soldier crabs close in shore and long legged wader birds wandering in the shallows looking for food.

Looking out towards Moreton Island.

North to Bribie Island.
Then I called in at a friend's place - a cup of tea and a chat, and then off to the newsagent to get the Saturday Courier Mail, and then pedalled back home.  I left the bike ready for an afternoon ride, but I am procrastinating.  The wind is blowing a gale and it is hot.  Perhaps if I wait a while the wind will die down.

I have been keen to have a fritter - can't seem to get it out of my mind, but I haven't had the meat to put in it.  About midday when I was searching in the fridge for inspiration for my lunch I suddenly thought I should buy some beef and cook it.  I jumped in the car and went to Beachmere Butchery, and bought some silverside.

It was such a long time since I cooked a silverside that I'd forgotten so onto the 'Net and found a few recipes and it was soon in the pot.  Simple recipe - a pan of water with peppercorns, onion, cloves, bay leaves, salt and vinegar and I let it simmer for an hour and a half and it is all done.

Fritters tonight?  I think so!

Also while wasting time today I found a great article about a ranger on Moreton Island that loves photography - and what a grand place he has as his "canvas".  Good story, here.

Friday, October 31

A Round Tuit

I remember many years ago seeing a "round tuit".  I didn't know where it all started but it was a play on words.  It apparently started around 1964, and people who were always getting "around to it" when they procrastinated about things, was where it all came from.

At the time there were various gifts and items, that would be given to someone.  I think we all procrasinated about things.  I am a great list builder -  I usually write out a list of important things that need to be done the next day.  I do find myself doing the easy things first, though at times I deliberately do the hard ones first.

I tend to be a doer.  One thing that I seemed never to get "around to" was the train trip to Rockhampton.  I am glad I have done it.  It wasn't about money - more about time.  I would have liked to have stayed longer, but it was not to be.

Recently I have had discussions with a number of people wh spoke about "getting round tuit" on some issue of their lives.

One term that is used these days is "Bucket List" - since the movie way back where two terminally ill people set out to do things on their Bucket List.  I don't actually have a bucket list - though if I did one thing would be to visit Italy.

I remember some 50 years ago I was interested in going to Italy and for some months learned Italian - something that actually helped me in my nursing career as I was able to help a family of a sick woman.

Will I get to Italy?  It is on my list to do next year.  Watch this space.  I must do it before I get too old to travel.

I will get "round tuit!".

Thank Goodness it was Radio!!

Some weeks ago, I was asked to communicate with a radio station about some marketing for the historical village where I am a volunteer.  The radio station is run by volunteers too - so it has been difficult to make contact with the lady I was to speak with.  We've played telephone tag on more than one occasion.

Today, out of the blue she phoned asking if she could do an intereview - about 10 minutes away.  I was glad it was not television - as I was not dressed well enough for folk to see me, but because it was radio, I got away with it.  Thank Goodness.

It was a brief interview but I managed to take a few notes in the short preparation time, and though there was some problem with the signal - perhaps because I was on my only phone (mobile) and needed my notes on my computer - perhaps some challenges between the two technologies.

Still it went to air.  Maybe I will get some feedback.

Then I went out - after a shower and dressing more appropriately - to pick up some business cards and have lunch with some friends,   When I came home there was a letter in my letter box - address to "The Resident" at my address - suggesting I might be interesting in joining the NBN (National Broadband Network).  How  hilarious.  They should know that I am connected and have been for almost 12 months, despite the fact that their website declares that I am not in an NBN area.

Life can be confusing.

Thursday, October 30

Did you know about Lyoness?

A year or so ago I joined Lyoness as a shopper and benefit from the Cashback I receive when I shop.  I've been mildly interested in the business side of things.

I do benefit (because I shop!) - but know that I could benefit more - if only I tell someone about it.  Mmmm.  You can see I would never make a successful network marketer - though this isn't the same as the many other network marketing businesses.  With Lyoness you shop like you usually do - but use your Cashback Card when shopping at a Lyoness merchant - and it is easy to see the local Lyoness businesses with the App on your Smart Phone.  And the best part is, that to get your loyalty card it is FREE.

The new developments are great - which I will explain to anyone who is interested.  It will be easier to save money and even earn a little or a lot.  A lot of you want to get involved in the business side of things - which I am happy to explain.

You can watch video.  If you want to know more - or how you can benefit, leave me a message in the comments section, with your email address.  I moderate the comments, so your comment with your email address will not show.  I will contact you via email.

Monday, October 27

Rockhampton Trip - October 2014 Part One

I had wanted to travel on the Queensland Rail Tilt Train for some time.  I see it pass the Caboolture Historical Village each day I work there and promise myself I will go on it. And so it was that a couple of weeks ago I found time in buy busy schedule for a short visit to Rockhampton via the Tilt Train.  The Rocky train leaves Brisbane daily and there are many stops along the way, but it gives one a great view of the countryside up the east coast of Queensland.  There are of course many other trains on this route and further north - but I chose the Tilt Train.

(These images are from Queensland Rail)

Tilt Train passes the Glasshouse Mountains
The train left Caboolture at 11.45 am - and was due to arrive in Rockhampton at around 6.30 pm.  It was a little late, but it was no problem.  I chose to spend most of my time watching the scenery pass by, which is what I love to do.  Many of the towns we passed I had travelled through on many occasions previously, but I just loved it.  As a camera addict I wanted the train to stop more often, and was irritated by having to take shots through the window - especially as the window by my seat was damaged which made it difficult to see through.

I was in Economy - which was more than adequate for me - but if I had wanted to lie back and snooze it may have presented a problem for my long legs, especially if there was someone sitting next to me - which was not the case on the trip north, but for half of the trip south.

There is catering on the train - with a Galley and a Trolley service. I used the latter.  There are toilets and drinking water on board and plenty of room for small hand luggage.  I had booked my small purple suitcase through and it was waiting for me at the end of each journey.

As a Concession Card holder - the journey cost was only $25 each way - which is a great bargain.

I stayed with my son-in-law's parents in Rockhampton - and for the two days and three nights I was there we packed in quite a lot of activity.

I have been to Rocky on many occasions as I daughter lived there for many years, as the Manager of the McDonalds store/s there.  Which is how she met the butcher from Rocky!

It is a city famous for its cattle - and through the city are statues of various breeds of cattle.  There is plenty to see and of course it is not far from Yeppoon, and Rosslyn Bay which is the boat access to Great Keppel Island.

The Gracemere Cattle Sales story is here.

Thursday, October 23

A Wonderful Garden

Yesterday I visited a family home on the western side of Caboolture - and just had to get out my camera and take some photos.

Here they are.

A cactus flower

Bee Good.

North Queensland Waratah

Tuesday, October 21

Who Killed Cock Robin?

This is a song that will forever haunt me.  Many years ago when I was about ten years old I sang this on state at the Warradale Institute for a concert for my ballet school.

Why I was picked to sing I don't know - I doubt it was my good singing voice, so maybe it was my poor ballet skills.  I don't know, but our little troupe played out the song as I sang each part from the front of the stage.  The song has haunted me ever since. I never know whether to laugh or cry.  Is it why I have never been able to sing?

On the rare occsions I have heard the song on radio (I don't recall hearing anywhere else!) I mouth the words, just as I did this morning on the ABC (Classic Radio).  I laughed when I then found this version of the Wiggles - complete with junior dancers.  Oh, the memories.