Saturday, December 30

Visit to the house

I'm still feeling a little less than 100%fit, but I'm OK to do the house sit and look after the house and the cat. I went to visit today, to pick up the key and get the final instructions. It will be quiet there - great for writing. The garden is good and there is a pool to cool off in if I wish and a few herbs and things in the garden. And macadamia nuts around the place. A big nut tree in the back yard drops it's wonderful nuts for the taking.

I need to feed the cat each afternoon, and other than that there is little else to do. I'm looking forward to moving in late next Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday, December 28

A few days to go

A few days before Christmas I was stricken with Shingles. Ghastly painful illness, but I think I'm over the worst. Will just have to see if the pain hangs around. But I'm still planning on doing the house sit in Manly.

It will be nice to have a few days of peace. I'm behind with my writing so perhaps I'll have a chance of catching up to some degree.

I'm hoping to take my bicycle over there too. Whilst it is on a hilly street, it is not far from some good riding tracks, and I shall enjoy that. After nearly two weeks of little physical activity because of the Shingles I'll need to start getting fit again.

The weather has been rather strange - not the heat and humidity we are used to at this time of the year. And whilst it has rained since Christmas Day, it has only been light showers. The house is just a short distance from the waterfront, so will get some of the late afternoon sea breezes.

I'm looking forward to it.

Saturday, December 23

New Sit in 2007

Well, I wasn't planning to house sit early in the new year, but I've been tempted again. This house is not far from home - and it will give me quiet time to finish my writing. Jan 3 - 16th, I think. The house is an old Queensland in Manly, and there is one nice pussy cat to care for. Not that there is much to do for it. Feed it. Be there for it.

I love the Manly area. It will give me good early morning walking opportunities. It's funny - I walk often when I am on my own but back in home territory, it never seems to be on the agenda.

Tuesday, December 19

More offers

I've been so surprised. People are interested in my "career" as a house sitter, and are quite curious about it all. I've now received a number of offers to do other house sits, but I'm not keen until some time in the new year.

For me the benefits are that I can have "me" time, do my writing unhindered, walk a lot, (for health!!!), and sleep well. My own home is so noisy at night, so a house on a quiet street is a must for me.

Through the website I get many e-mails about opportunties around Queensland, and I often have a look and see what is on offer elsewhere. There was a great one in Ireland, Dublin in fact, in the suburb of Blanchardstown, which I know quite well. It was to start on November 28th, and last for four months. My heart skipped a beat over that one. Wouldn't it be great! But of course, the timing was not right, but I do keep an eye on the offers in Ireland. It would be good - and Blanchardstown would have suited me fine.

There was another one going in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. For a year - on a wild life reserve. The owners were going to leave for a year and wanted animal lovers to take care of their property. There were some goats, chooks, and so forth. Not wild animals, but kangaroos and other native animals. Not a great deal to do, but keep an eye on the place and general maintenance. I wrote to the lady telling her I'd have loved to have done it. But not this time. But I'll keep an eye on all opportunities.

I went to a function (in fact the launch of an anthology which had one of my stories in), and I had another offer. Folk from Victoria Point (not far from Lamb Island, but on the mainland), but I'm still thinking about that. They had no firm date, so it is difficult to consider without that information.

Island life over

I miss the island life - but have been busy back on the mainland. I met the owners on the mainland, exchanged keys, swipe card for the secure park, and we departed. They hadn't even seen the house at that stage, so wouldn't know if I'd trashed it. Scary thought in a way!

But I received an e-mail a few days later. Obviously they were happy with the way I left the house. No plants were dead! Dog alive and well! House tidy. Bedlinen washed and bed remade. No complaints! The email thanked me, and offered to recommend me if I needed someone to speak about my abilities as a house sitter!

But back to the real world.