Tuesday, May 22

Dreaming again

Yes, I did get an email and I passed the information on to her. I'm looking forward to the next house sit.

Some days I check on the website to see what is available. I am hoping to go to the UK next year - so I often check house sit opportunities around London and in Ireland. There are some good ones. I hope there will be some there when we need them.

It is a good idea to plan ahead and when I know the dates we plan to go, I will put up an advertisement.

I have good credentials now, so that is helpful.

I'd love to find about 8 days in a house/cottage just north of London. Close enough to train it into the city for sight seeing, and far enough out to get a country feel.

Sunday, May 13

Another house sitter?

I was at a function the other evening and met up with someone I hadn't seen for a while. She told me that she might be moving north and would be looking for a house for a short period. I told her about my house sitting adventures, and she was quite impressed. She'd thought of house sitting with her husband, but didn't know how to go about it.

I gave her my card - and she said she'd contact me for information, which of course I'll happily supply.

I haven't heard yet.

Thursday, May 10

Changing dates

I'm sort of glad really - one of my house sits has fallen through. I was to look after a home and three cats in an inner Brisbane suburb in June/July - and in some ways I was looking forward to it. The owners are friends of mine - at least the lad is. She's an educator and taking time off to attend an overseas conference.

It was likely to clash with the Lamb Island sit. This is a long one - nearly three months, and I'm really keen to stay at my island hideaway. I had an email from the owners just checking that it is still OK for me to do it.

It's funny - I have a job now - just down the street from my home - and I'm going to have to travel over an hour a day each way to get to work. I'm still doing only 2 days a week - but things at work are changing and there is a possibility I will have to increase my hours there. A small challenge I think.

I look forward to long days writing on the island. This starts early in July.

Wednesday, May 2

I could house sit permanently

It is a crazy way to live in a way - but I could do it. I think you always need a base to come "home" to, but I've learned to make a home in other people's home.

I've got to big house sits coming up - and I am recnsidering one, now that I have work, but another one has come up at the end of September into October, and I must decided pretty quickly if I will do it.

For anyone alone - particularly a single lady - it can be a good way to live. The housesit jobs that come up via the websites - Housecarers are quite amazing and some days I dream travel - putting in a search for an exotic location and reading about the house sit opportunities there.

It would be a good way to travel - if you had independent financial means. A big bank account or perhaps a good Internet income.

Perhaps you need a base - a room in your home city - where you can keep the things that are important in your life, that you don't want to travel with. It would be nice to have a room to come back to between house sits.