Monday, June 25

Still looking

Each day I get one or more e-mails from the House Sitting websites that I am subscribed to. There are good offers, but none that really are suitable right now.

When we were visiting Karragarra Island a couple of weeks ago, we made contact with one person who was interested in my house sitting "career" and there's a possibility of a short house sit on one of the islands.

Now that I have part time work, it is not as easy to do the house sitting. I mean why would I travel an hour each way to work when right now I live almost in the same street as my employment? It is a challenge to consider that.

And I've discovered it has been so cold I rather like being in my own home, with a heater that I am familiar with. The thought of dragging all my winter clothes over to the islands does not appeal. So I stay put.

I have looked at a couple of jobs in the UK and Ireland - none of which I'm able to do right now, but the 2008 jobs are starting to appear and I shall watch them enthusiastically as I'd like to do that when we travel next year.

Meanwhile, I think I'll stay at home. Boring.

Wednesday, June 20

Winter and no house sitting

I'm rather pleased I don't have a house sit at the moment. It is so cold right now - in fact the coldest June day in over 80 years. A good time to be at home.

Last year I went away with a friend for a couple of nights and a similar but not so severe cold snap made our first night very very uncomfortable. Last night the westerlies howled around the house and it was good to curl up on my own bed and keep warm.

The cold wind seems to penetrate all one's clothes - very hard to keep warm.

I've been looking at all the house sitting opportunties - but the dates and places are not suitable to me. It is hard when I am working right now.

Wednesday, June 13

Still Plenty of House Sit Opportunities

I'm looking at all the offers that come my way - sometimes 3 or 4 a day from the two websites that I am registered on. I think for the moment I'll sit tight - it is easier to keep warm at home that go somewhere else. I'll wait until it warms up, or take a short stint where someone needs a sitter locally.

I love doing this - I love getting away on my own, but for the moment I'll just wait for a good opportunity to come up. I've got a lot of study on, so will just wait and see.

Monday, June 11

No Lamb Island House Sit

Funny how life takes one in different directions. I had some concerns about travelling from Lamb to work two days a week - but only minor - and and the house owners were not concerned. But it appears from friends who had previously cared for their dog had moved back to the Gold Coast and had offered to look after the dog at their place. So there was no need for a sitter.

The owner was very kind - but it has left me without a house sit for some time. No time to have the peace and tranquility which I crave to work on my book.

I will have to look at other house sit opportunities as they come in over the next few weeks.

That's life I guess. I suspect the universe has something else for me to do. We are still going to Karragarra this weekend, though, and that I am looking forward to doing.

Thursday, June 7

A weekend on Karragarra

We've booked a weekend on Karragarra Island. Sounds a bit odd I guess seeing that a couple of weeks later I will be living on the next island. But it was about getting away for a weekend and we have chosen to go away with Kramer.

It is not easy to find dog friendly accomodation - but here it is not far from home. So Kramer will get to come with us. I'm loathe to leave him in kennels - recently he came home from kennels with a serious bladder infection.

I've sent an email to Mr Tetley of Teakettle Cottage (great names!) on Karragarra and booked the car ferry. I've yet to ask for an hour off on the Friday afternoon, but I will need that time to get to Redland Bay and get the car on the ferry. We figured if we've saved on the cost of the kennels, that will pay for the car. We do have to take food, linen etc so it is easier this way.

It will be cool - but will pop in a small fan heater I have. I'm going to take my knitting and a few books, and maybe, just maybe, leave my laptop at home!

Sunday, June 3

Still counting the days.

I'm now working three days a week - but still determined to go to Lamb Island when the time comes. I still long for the peace of island living to get some writing done, and just count the days.

We may get over to Karragarra for a few days. I've found a dog friendly holiday place - so will today phone and see if I can make a booking.

Perhaps I will go one day over to Lamb and Karragarra to check on things. I might take
Kramer but I will have to borrow a trolley or something to take him. He doesn't like walking.

Friday, June 1

It won't be long

I'm counting the weeks until I can get away to Lamb Island again. I hope all is well - I must contact the owner again, but it is only a few weeks since I confirmed my availability.

The idea of being on my own on that wonderful island where there is little traffic, no shops, little noise (mostly) and the space to just do as I want.

I will have to come back several times a week - but it is all do - able I think. We shall see. It will be a long 3 months if it does not go well.