Saturday, August 25

House Sitting Sites

I've renewed my subscription with and also have joined, and I'm impressed that there are many jobs available on both sites. Though at the moment I'm not looking for one.

I am booked from the middle of September until the middle of October, so I will see what happens after that - I think there is a possibility of one December/January too, so will just wait and see.

I do need to get away and get some quiet (reading and writing) time to myself, so am looking forward to it.

I'm surprised more people don't do it - though I note on a lot of sites there are more house sitters than house sit jobs. I'm looking for one in the UK next year - but will have to wait and see as we have no idea of dates yet.

Interesting to keep and eye on things.

I note too at Mindmyhouse that there are quite a few jobs in France - now I wonder if I could fit that in too..............

Thursday, August 23

Another Site for House Sitters

There was a comment on a previous post, and only today (weeks later, I'm sad to say) I followed the link to another site for House Sitting. As this one was FREE to join, I signed up.

It is a New Zealand site - but they have listings around the world. I always dream a little as I explore the advertisements for housesitting, and wonder if I will ever get to some of this amazing locations. There were 7 listed in France - now that would be good, and a few in the UK.

I'm not looking for a house sit at the moment as I have a month coming up - and I have three study courses happening in my life, and a job two days a week, some writing assignements on the go, as well as some commitments with the community organisation of which I am the President.

But, by the end of the year two of the courses will be behind me, and I will probably take a year to do one of them, so thenew year will hold new challenges for me, and hopefully will include some new house sitting.

In the mean time if you are looking to get a house sitting assignment, or looking to get someone to house sit for you, or house swap visit Mind My House

Thursday, August 16

Visit to Adelaide

I've just visited the folks in Adelaide. It is just over two hours flying time from Brisbane. I try and visit my parents and sister several times a year - and was lucky to have five days with them this time.

I normally stay with my sister - but I do look at the house sit opportunities in Adelaide. One day I will do a house sit there - just so I can spend more time with them, and perhaps catch up on some friends. Perhaps two or three weeks.

I'd love to stay around the McLaren Vale area - not far from the family - but near the vineyards and the other areas that I knew well when I lived in Adelaide. I know it was a long time ago - but I do remember much of my child hood.

One thing that I love is the old stone and brick buildings that are common around the state. I find them fascinating. One day..................

Saturday, August 4

Phone calls

My mobile phone has rung twice this week with people desperate for a house sitter. Sadly I have been unable to help them, as I have a house sit commitment already, and I am going away myself.

I have changed my status on House Carers, but it seems folk are really concerned about their holiday plans. In one case their booked house carer has had to pull out, and in another they have simply left it a bit late to secure someone.

One thing that has always bothered me in a funny way, is that the house sitter who takes on a big responsibility is seldom paid. I've not asked for money, and only once been offered it.

I wonder if it is possible to have a 'career' as a house sitter? Mmmmm.

In any case I'm happy to do what I do - but it amuses me that the house sitter does the "work" and has to pay to be on the register, and the house owner gets a holiday with much savings on kennelling, and the security of having their house lived in and cared for, and they don't even have to pay to be on a house sitting website.

Oh, well. Perhaps if there's a big need - I should see what someone would bid for me?