Monday, October 29

Sunday at Bribie

A view of Pumicestone Passage from near the jetty.

I was woken by C - asking if I wanted to go for a swim at Woorim. I had done so on a previous trip, but not this time. I rolled over after respoding "no thanks", and scored some more zzzz's.

A short time later I was awake, so I dressed and headed for the path along the beachfront overlooking Pumicestone Passage. It was overcast, and not as nice as it can be on a "good" day, but I had a good walk, took some photographs, and called by the newsagent to get the Sunday paper. It is a ritual for me at the Retreat - I get the paper.

After breakfast we did another workshop on writing for television or radio which was very interesting.

The food was great - we do our own catering, and all take it in turns to help in the kitchen, etc. Good healthy food and lots of it.

After lunch we packed up and headed for home.

I have a ritual of visiting a nursing friend on Bribie. She and her husband moved there some years ago, and I don't get the opportunity to see them very much, so that's my chance. I spent a couple of hours with them before heading home again.

Too short, but great weekend.

Saturday, October 20

Another visit to Adelaide

My mother is 92 years old later this week. I'm not able to go to Adelaide to see her for her birthday, but two weeks later I will be visiting with my one and only grandson. My two older granddaughters have been on an adventure with me to Adelaide, but I was a bit unsure about J.

He doesn't know me as well, and he is terrified of loud noises. And he is only 3 - to be 4 on December 1st.

J is a really good kid,and I often speak with him on the phone. He lives on the Gold Coast - some one hour drive from here, and his mother and father are kept busy and we see each other as often as we can. (Always not often enough!)

Anyway the older girls say it is J's turn. And so I booked the fare. It will be a little easier as his surname is the same as mine (he is the son of our son), so it won't cause much suspicion with the airline. (I hope anyway.) I've given his folks a list of my requirements to travel with him - at least the documentation.

I phoned my parents to tell them, and they are already quite excited as they don't see him as much as they see the girls. As usual we will stay with my sister - and only stay 3 nights. I will find it exhausting, but he really is a good kid.

This time I have ID of sorts - a conference tag which will include all my contact details just in case he gets lost like A did last time. She still tells everyone that it was ME that got lost - for she knew where she was all the time! A little monkey at the monkey cage.

It shall be an interesting trip!

Wednesday, October 17


I received an email yesterday with details of an opportunity to go to China to teach English. Sounded good, and I'm tempted, but I'm not ready yet, and it was to commence in November - and I have a few things to do during that period, not the least that I have another house sit from December 12th.

It looked good though - 3 1/2 months, accomodation provided, return air fares, 3 meals a day in the school cafeteria, and more.

I think there will be some more short term opportunities in China prior to the Olympic Games, so I will hang out to see what is available for me from the middle of January. I continue to do research on this.

Now it all sounds very exciting.

Tuesday, October 16


I'm looking for a new adventure! When I completed my Uni degree a few years ago, I pondered teaching literacy and numeracy, but at the time there was little PAID work for it, but things have changed.

These days there is a huge market for people to teach English overseas - TESOL means Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. There are opportunities for paid work all around the world. I did some investigation of the market, and decided to do a course.

I had discussions with a number of TESOL course providers, and eventually a few weeks ago, went to a free information session at
Teach International and signed up to do the course with them.

Currently I am doing some of the work online (which is fascinating) and will do the class room component in January, which I am looking forward to doing. Perhaps a gret adventure for me in 2008?

Back home

The owners are back home, and so am I. I must say I miss the peace and tranquility of the house sit house. Compared to here it is so peaceful, as the traffic noise here almost all night irritates me.

I visited Lizzie yesterday - had to return the keys - and she gave me some lovely gifts. Two very thirsty looking tea towels, with poulty (chooks, as we would say) on them. And a lovely necklace with a turquoise caught in a dream catcher on a silver chain. It is very very pretty, and I love it! I tried it on last night - and the grand children visited soon after. They were fascinated by it.

Jasper has not returned - so his whereabouts remains a mystery.

There was one funny story that occurred during my distress about the missing cat. My daughter was chatting with one of her girl friends, who asked if I would house sit for her. She and her husband and daughter were planning to go away for a week, and as her parents have moved into a unit they are no longer able to care for their cat.

A few days later the lady's husband, my daughter and I were sititng around a table chatting over a cup of coffee, and I mentioned something about them going away. My daughter added, "You probably won't want Mum to house sit for you, when you learn that she has just lost a cat at her current house sit."

Quick as a flash, the guy leaned over the table, shook my hand and announced "You've got the job."

We so laughed!

I bet his wife wouldn't have thought it so funny!

Sunday, October 14

Flying Cat

One of the things that I could not get used to was the cat climbing high and flying onto me. I would walk in the kitchen and without warning the cat would launch from somewhere, and land on me.

It was really freaky! I never got used to that! Some days I could not find her anywhere and as I had already "lost" one cat, I was a bit concerned in case I would "lose" another. She would hide in the most amazing places, and on some occasions would climb high onto the highest cupboard. The cat would climb down onto the microwave oven which was on top of the refrigerator, and leap on me as I entered the room. And she'd hang on with her claws.
My grandchildren thought that she had "evil eyes" - she seemed to have a look that was quite evil, especially when she was not happy with me.

The cat and the newspaper

I wrote in one of the posts about the cat, that was a bit miffed that I had sat reading the paper with my morning cup of coffee.

When I had read enough of the paper, I left it on the table and went inside. The cat sat on that newspaper for around 5 or 7 hours. I was definitely not allowed to read the paper until much later that day!

This is THE CAT

I have only just had the opportunity to load the photos of that cat! (I've also backed up all my photos today too....)

This cat really has a personality - and when it lost it's friend, it caused me all sorts of grief.

I would find her in all sorts of places. She loves lying in the sun, and in a pot plant - well, that's OK too.

Back Home

I've rarely found time to post in the last few weeks - but I am back home. To my real home - spouse, dog etc.

The owners came home on Friday - and as yet the missing cat has not returned. I had some hope that it would re appear on their return, but it has not happened yet.

I left the house early in the morning - having done all the cleaning etc, and hopefully leaving the house in as good a standard as it was when I moved in some four weeks earlier. I was sad to go.

I had left several vases of flowers in the house - and hope they proved a good welcome to the family. They are going away again later in the year and I think want me back - even though I "lost" one of their cats!

I thought I'd have a quiet day settling in back at home, but it was not to be. I'd almost done all the washing, and some house work, when I received a phone call from a desperate daughter in law on the Gold Coast. Desperate for a babysitter! She had a dental appointment and her usual babysitters were unable to help. So much for my restful day!

I drove down shortly afterwards, and came back in great haste late in the afternoon, hoping to miss one of the severe tropical storms that have been occurring lately. It seemed to follow me along the highway for a while, but then went on another course, and I escaped it all.

That night I spent some time at the Wynnum Spring Fair. I'm not usually a fan of the Fair - its organisation is somewhat challenged at times. On this occasion though I was impressed, and luckily for them the weather has been excellent. I think it would prove to be a very successful event.

On Saturday I fronted to the Princess Alexandra Hospital - I do role playing for medical examinations. It is always a HUGE day - very tiring as some 36 medical practitioner aspirants, hoping to qualify to work in Australia, come before me and the examiner to be tested. It is totally exhausting, and I was pleased when it is over. I enjoy it - it is just very tiring for everyone, but I know I play a part in helping Australia source more doctors for its hospitals etc.

Sunday, October 7

That cat again!

I went to bed early last night - and slept for an amazing 10 hours all up! Fleder had gone to sleep in the lounge room, and one of my nightly visits to the bathroom I saw her curled up asleep.

When I arose at 6.30 am - she had gone. It is now 4 hours later, and she still is no where to be seen. I've been around the house calling her name! With no luck. I'm sure she will re-appear, but at the moment I'm stressing because she is not here!

Yesterday we were threatened with a late afternoon storm, which in the end did not eventuate. I've only seen rain once - and that was a brief shower - since the owners have been away. I've watered the garden, as best I can without the use of hoses - which are banned by the government because of the continued drought and water shortage.

There were frogs active last night - but then they often are here. Great green frogs that often croak loudly at any time of the day. I did do a quick hose of the back last night (no one could see and I was very quick) and there were three big green frogs. More than I have ever seen I think in one place at one time.

I love the green frogs - quite cute. Much better looking than the ugly cane toad which is prevalant around the place, although not quite here. One would think with the swamp so close that there would be more.

I'm aware of the proximity to Kianawah Rd here - and the possibility of red bellied black snakes which are common in parts of the swamp on Kianawah. I've been told that the aboriginal word for red bellied black snake is Kianawah! I've not seen one here, though no doubt they are lurking in the swamp.

I've searched again to find the cat - but no luck. I think she has been so mean to me that she is probably hiding in the bushes somewhere with her evil smile and evil eyes! When she's unhappy she half closes her eyes which gives her a most evil look!

Again storm clouds are gathering in the sky to the south of Brisbane. Again storms are forecast - but that is common. Forecast but don't eventuate.

How we wish for a good old rain storm - and a return to the good old days when at this time of the year we would be regular tropical storms with massive rain falls.

Sadly our climate is changing and it is not good.

Friday, October 5

That cat again!

Last night when I returned for work, there was no sign of the cat. I'm sure she sits somewhere and watches as I do my searching. I can't lose another cat! (Not that I have control over her!)

In the end she returns. She did eat last night - ate most of her fresh meat, and then wanted to sit on my lap. In the end she did. When I removed her from my lap, she ran around the house like a mad thing, before settling down. In the end she went to sleep in the bath.

She'd gotten hold of my bath towel the night before, and slept on it, and I'd thrown it into the bath, until I had time to wash it. So that was her resting place last night.

Sometimes I hear weird sounds - maybe a koala on the roof? a possum? or is it Jasper the mssing cat? I wonder if Jasper isn't out in the park or swamp somewhere waiting her her owners to return. I imagine that is the case.

When I'm not here he could easily come inside for a feed, and then disappear again. I have a dream that this is the case.

It is only a week to go! I could continue here for weeks. Oh, well.

Thursday, October 4

The cat battle

I've got to say, I'm stunned by the behaviour of the cat. Now I like cats, and they like me. We used to have cats. I remember Tinky and Winky when I was a child, and not long after our son was born we had Peefer pussy, but we've been dog people since.

I did for a long time suffer allergies when I was close to cats, but that seems to have gone. Even then they would want to be with me, and my sneezes almost blew them away. (I've never had a quiet sneeze!)

When Fleder became a lone cat in this household, I became her very best friend, and at times she continues to be very intrusive. But I've had to say NO a few times, and she's very hurt by this, and shuns me for a few hours or days!

I don't let her sleep on my bed - I was almost afraid she'd suffocate me in my sleep, as she has to be so up close and personal, and anyway I'm not comfortable sleeping with a cat.

When I come home from work I often have to wander around looking for her - she must hide from me. I can imagine her watching with her wicked smile!

She's eating very little of her meat - be it fresh meat or the canned variety, but still munches on her dry food, grated cheese and the special cat milk is gone within seconds of me pouring it.

She sleeps in the oddest of places, since I won't condone her sleeping with me. Sometimes it is on the top of the lounge chair, or a spot on the table. Today I found her on the bathroom handbasin!

The day before yesterday, she beat me into the bathroom, and leapt onto the toilet seat before I could make it, and then when I pushed her off, flew up to land on my lap as I was sitting on the "throne". It is hard to get her off - the strenghth in her little body is amazing as she resists my attempts to get her to move.

She still tries to sit on my lap at any time whether I am eating at the table, or typing at the computer, and she's quite comfortably trying to walk across the keyboard. (Luckily I've always managed to push her off BEFORE she's activated any keys.

Some days I laugh about it, and other days I feel quite cross with her.

Mostly I laugh!!!!!