Thursday, February 5

Strange things happen.

I knew that when my friend went overseas, I would be asked to "house sit" for her, and sure enough when I spoke with her yesterday she gave me the dates - it is next month (March) for nearly 4 weeks.

But things change. My husband has been in hospital - he has had some heart pain and it seems one of his coronary arteries is blocked. Today the surgeons attempted to put in a "stent" which would open up the blocked artery. However, they have not been able to do the procedure. I am waiting on information, but it may be that the artery was not straight at the point that needed the stent, so alternate methods are required and I am still waiting to find out what that will be.

It may be that further surgery is on the cards, and that a longer stay in hospital with a longer recuperation. Maybe I will not be able to house sit on this occasion.

I guess I will know in a few days. Strangely this is all happening just days before his 65th birthday.

Monday, February 2

Would you like to be a house sitter?

I have enjoyed my experiences as a house sitter - and will continue to do so, but if you would like to be a house sitter, why not click here and start on your wonderful housesitting journey. I'm happy to answer any questions for you.

Sunday, February 1

Plenty of House sits but...............

Each day I get advice about 3 - 5 house sit opportunities, but I'm not ready to do any at the moment. MM is about to undergo heart investigations, so probably not a good idea to leave him alone at the moment, and my parents are struggling, so I am "on call" so to speak to go back to Adelaide.

My mother is 93, and my father is 90 in a few months time, but as mum's carer he is finding life very difficult, but there is little we can do. Despite his challenges about looking after my mother, they don't want to change. My mother has refused any care. I've just spent some time with them - but there's not a lot I can do.

I can't commit to house sitting for any period at the moment as I just don't know when I will get a call. I've promised to be mum's carer if something happens to my dad, so for a while my housesitting is but a dream.