Saturday, March 14

The Cat House

It is so peaceful here, though I can hear the drone of a lawnmower, and some sort of earth moving equipment nearby. I suspect the lawnmower will shut down soon as the sky is black with rainclouds and there is bound to be a heavy down pour.

In any case the noise is not interefering with my train of thoughts. Yes, I wrote thoughtS. So much going on in my head. I've put a CD on too, which I hope will help with the flow of thoughts as I get down to doing some serious work.

I am at the house sit, though I confess I have not stayed overnight yet. But I have been here early in the morning to check on the cat, and the fish. And I come back in the evening to "bed them down" and feed them at the end of the day. All three are alive and well as I type.

Here the peace and tranquility is more inspiring for me with my writing, but as usual I start with the not so high priority things. Like my blogs. And answering emails.

I still get regular emails from students and other foreign teachers back at Shaoxing, so I like to reply and keep in touch.

MM is still recovering from his double bypass, but he's OK on his own, and I'm only a short distance away and certainly contactable by phone.

Yesterday there was a big water dragon on the back lawn. I wanted to rush and get my camera, but I thought the movement would have sent him scurrying away. Maybe with the rain about I will see more green frogs. I can hear them croaking in the swamp at the back, but I like it when they come near the house.

Thursday, March 12

Here I am again

The owners are only away for a few days this time, but I'm thrilled to get a chance to write there. It is so peaceful - no traffic noise like I have at home, and no interruptions.

I've spent this morning working on two projects - one my book about nurses, and the other a short story that I am submitting to a competition. Today I have a writer friend with me, and we are both silently working on our respective projects. It is nearly lunch time, and we have already completed quite a lot of writing and editing.

I like working alone for the most part, but it is very helpful to have a good writer colleague spend time with you to work on some projects. Discuss them. We read what the other has written and make comment. Discuss it.

I hope by the end of the day I will have made much progress.

On the bed of the house was a book. The title of the book says it all - with a note from the owner of the house "Couldn't resist it!!" The book is called "Curiosity killed the Cat Sitter" by Blaize Clement. Sounds like a good read and a lot of fun. I hope I get time to read it while I am here.

I'm pleased to find that the Admin of one of my favourite blogging sites has reappeared. I've had limited moderation capabilities at the site, but things were going pear shaped and I was unable to help. I'm glad he read my email and has returned to help us out.

Sunday, March 8

A short house sit

MM is doing well, and my friend needs someone to look after the cat for a few days. So, my first house sit for 2009 starts on Wednesday.

I'm looking forward to being on my own again, especially as I really am in the writing mood again.

Each day from the website I get offers - I love to dream about the possibilities. There have been a few in England and Ireland that I would love to do, but I'm not ready for that at the moment. Some of them have been good reading. How I wish!