Monday, April 13

Housesitting in Korea

I'm not sure that it exists. There are no house sit opportunities listed on the websites that I look at, and I doubt that they would be on English sites anyway.

Maybe within Korea there is a Korean site that offers this opportunity, but I must ask my students about this. I suspect that there is little house sitting in Korea. Maybe none.

Friday, April 10

I'm quoted

I was just doing a little exploration about other websites and found one on house sitting that quoted me. Gave me a funny feeling. Nice funny feeling. You can see it here. I think many people do not realise how much house sitting is going on in the world.

Another site I found had fabulous photography - click here

While I am not house sitting at the moment, I'm still keen to do more. When the Korean adventure is over.

All too short

My time at the cat house was all too short - and it was harder this time as I was not able to stay over as much - but because I lived nearby, and my husband was recovering from major heart surgery, I had to keep two households happy. I would rush to the cat house in the morning and feed the cat, and later in the day go back again for the evening meal. And never forget the two fish - they needed their daily feed.

In he midst of all of this I had an offer to teach English in Korea. It really was a rush to do all I had to do, and in the end, I did choose to go to Korea, so I watch as my daily report of house sitting opportunities come through from my little apartment in downtown Jeon Ju in Korea, and wait for my time here to pass.