Wednesday, August 31

Cookie dough - Raw or Cooked?

The local Scouts had a fundraising drive and sold cookie dough in tubs.  I bought one.  With two grand daughters in the Scouts, I had to.  Didn't I?   White chocolate and macadamia nut cookies.  I put the whole tub in the freezer - it keeps longer that way.  Mmmm.

Later I thought I'd defrost it a little and make little parcels of cookie dough so that when I was ready to cook it, I could just bake small batches.  So I defrosted the dough and started creating small parcels to wrap in cling wrap and replace in the freezer.  Now it was soft I tasted it.  Yum.  Yum.  I'll just keep a little parcel for nibbling.

I guess the calories are the same whether they are cooked or not?  So I had a few more nibbles.  Equal to two cookies?  Maybe? 

So one parcel is eaten - and no, it didn't see inside the oven.  I ate it all without cooking.  So that way it is more economical.  No electricity was used in the preparation of this cookie?  Would I get away with that?

It turns out I am not the only one that has found out how tasty the cookie dough is.  Someone I know - no names - as also eaten quite a lot of cookie dough.

Still, it doesn't matter does it?  The Scouts raised some money, and the cookie company I assume has made some money.

I still have six bundles of cookie dough.  I wonder how much will be cooked.  When can I order some more???

Tuesday, August 30

New house sit.

I'm back.  Back at Wakerley.  Happy.  The last few months have been very trying.  It was hard to get back into life after my father's death.  I won't go on about it here - but I am no happy in the house sit and can get back my life.  Here I experience peace and tranquility (though now that events can change by the day) and I'm catching up.  Fast.

When I was here before it was freezing cold - we'd had one of those bad cold winters, and with my three trips to Adelaide where it was terribly cold, I managed to scrape through without any major health problems.   Mentally I am a bit screwed, but I'll settle down again.

Marti has welcomed me back - he still looks a bit funny after I had him 'groomed' - the girl seemed to hack at him, but he did have lots of matts.   It has rained on and off in the last week, though the last two days had been great and I managed to get washing done.

I returned on Saturday night, as I had to run the owners to the International Airport for their flight to Shanghai, but as we got into the car at 3.45 am, S received a text message.  The flight was delayed.  She could not get any information from the number provided, but we decided to go to the airport anyway. It was deserted when we arrived, and I learned later that they were transferred from the International Airport to Domestic and caught another plane to Sydney to connect with their international flight.  Managed to arrive in Shanghai on time.

I was a bit sleepy as a result of my early morning jaunt, but had a quiet day. 

Dad's car - well, it is mine now, arrived from Adelaide yesterday, and I received other good news regarding money and I may well buy a new car soon.  But I am in the strange position of having two cars in the garage (batteries removed and I don't drive them), one in the driveway which I will use and another housed at my daughters.  The latter is the one that Dad gave me.

I have been to the supermarket and stocked up on food etc, and now will have to knuckle down and do my study.  But my mind is racing.  So many opportunities are opening up to me.

Life's like that.