Friday, June 7

Exmouth to Karratha

A big day of driving from Exmouth to Karratha - some 570 kms. Again I had my entertainment planned with recordings of Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic Radio - how I love to select the interviews, and record them to a memory stick and listen to them while driving.  I'd never listen to them on radio at home - manage to catch snippets if I am driving, but love it to entertain me on long drives.

So many "Floodways" in these parts - but no rain = no floods.

Look up - this is what I saw!

There are a number of websites with details of the amazing 'dare devil schemes' during World War II which set off from these parts.  You can check here about Operation Jaywick, here for Operation Rimau, and here for more information.

Exmouth is quite a significant place for the protection of Australia with a RAAF base, and the Harold Holt Naval Communication Centre, and of course the significant historical memorials.

Monday, June 3


Photos and information to be posted

Eighty Mile Beach

Photos and information to be posted shortly

Port Hedland

Photos and information to be posted


Oh, the scenery!!!  In some ways I’d love to ride a bike or walk along the highway, as there are photo opportunities everywhere, and though I stopped frequently, I would lament at the missed photos.  Apart from the time to stop, get the camera, take the photo etc which added not inconsiderable minutes to my day, it was not possible to stop – no room to park the car off road, or double lines (plenty of those) traffic etc.  I did what I could – and just marvelled in the beauty of the scenery.
Karratha is clearly a mining town – with men and women mine and other workers in “high vis” clothing everywhere, and much of the road traffic clearly mine vehicles with clear markings.
I drove through to Dampier, and came across the statue for “Red Dog” – the dog that inspired the movie of the same name, based on a true story of this amazing dog up here in the Pilbara.

I stayed on night in a caravan park and set off early the next morning.

Huge piles of salt!

Apparently an old sign, but still scary

Near the caravan park.

Roebourne and Cossack

The town of Roebourne is just 40 kms from Karratha and is the oldest town of the NW coast (according to my precious resource Amazing North.”  It was established in 1866 and many of the old buildings have been restored.

I visited the old gaol, which now houses not only great museum items significance to the town, but the Visitor’s Information Centre as well.

Roebourne Gaol - Visitor Information Centre

Not far from Roebourne is Cossack.- actually about 11 kms north.  Cossack’s claim to fame was that it was the site the earliest pearling industry, but sadly the pearls were overfished and the industry moved on when Broome became the centre of pearling in the area. The town’s population decreased from the heady days of the pearling industry and by 1950 the town was abandoned.

However it has become popular as a tourist destination and a lot of work has been done. Some of the buildings have been restored, and one can go for a drive to see where other buildings were.  There are signs along the roadways explaining what used to be in place there.
There is some accommodation, but it was not operating when I was there.  I visited an old store, and the old court house and of course took quite a few photos.