Thursday, October 20

Senior Solo Women

I heard on the radio today of a play Mother - a one woman show with Noni Hazelhurst. I'd love to see it, as it focuses on one of the issue of homeless ageing women.

I am not sure I can go to it, as all online tickets are sold, and I have a BIG week this week too, but I will try to find it.

The issue of senior solo woman is very important to me, because I am one!  I am lucky though, but not without some major challenges in my life.  I am concerned that despite much research on the topic suggesting that so many women are in dire straits, nothing is being done by our governments.

I have learned that there is special accommodation for senior solo women - at least one place in Brisbane, and I hope to be able to visit it one day.  It is a private operation.  I believe that there is the potential for more of these - and I believe that they could be profitable.

What do these women want?  (Oh, yes, I do remember the movie - but it has nothing to do with what I am considering.)

Women are very concerned about

  • Security  -   women are very vulnerable and worry about their own safety.
  • Loneliness - so many women have friends, but spend many hours on their own.
  • Financial Security - men have always earned more and generally had more money than women and many were left with very little or nothing after the death or departure of a spouse.
  • Health issues - being alone and sick is not good!

There are other issues that individuals have too.  

I am not sure what I am going to do, but it is an issue that I am passionate about and hope to do something positive for this cohort.

Woman dies alone and her body not found for  2 years.  Read here.
Body of woman not found for 41 years. Read here. 

The woman Sydney forgot here. 

More stories here. 

Do you know a senior solo woman?  Do you know what her concerns are?

I'd love some feedback.

Friday, October 14

Sausage Dogs and Me

My first dog was a bitzer - a bit of this and a bit of that.  My husband bought her for me soon after we were married.  I was no well and was lonely and miserable.  Lena was a lot of fun, and she had seven puppies soon after our daughter was born.  It was a crazy time.  A baby and eight dogs to care for.  

The puppies were cute as babies, but as they grew they looked like goats!  It was hilarious.  We found homes for all of them.

We lived in Warrnambool, Victoria at the time, and when our daughter was about 15 months old, my husband was promoted and we moved to Melbourne.  Lena of course came with us.  I can remember the day we drove to Melbourne.  Our daughter was sick in the car, and coping with the crazy dog and a sick baby while I was about 7 months pregnant - well, it was a terrible day.  However, we managed it.  Somehow.

Not long after our son was born, Lena presented us with a problem. She became rather nasty to me.  I suspect she was jealous and would be aggressive to me when I went to hang washing on the line.  Sadly we had to find another home for her.

Several years later we bought our first dachshund. Koko was a lovely dog and we had him for many years until he died.  Some time after, our son wanted a dog, so we bought Milo - a miniature short haired dachshund, and then we bought him a wife - a black and tan.

We went on to breed them - so had many adventures.  I did have a video of one of the dogs and a pizza box, and thought it was on Youtube, but I cannot find it.

However, I have found some funny videos with dachshunds.

I wish I had one now, but my life is too complex now.

Wednesday, October 5


What is retirement?  Is that when you are supposed to do nothing and watch tv or visit friends all the time?  Not me - I am still "working" - as a volunteer for several groups.

My friend and I laughed about it today.  She and I did our nursing training together in the 1960's and she now lives on the west coast of Australia and I live on the east coast.  We meet up occasionally and regularly talk on Skype.

We are both involved in community organisations in our local areas and neither of us have time to do nothing.

South Australia is where we were born - she in the south east of the country and me in Adelaide.  We were both in Adelaide recently and spent a day together - visiting a few places including Port Adelaide, where we visited the City of Adelaide - a clipper that brought a lot of migrants to South Australia in the early history of the city.

We are catching up again soon, as she is headed to the USA for several weeks and will visit me on her return.  We will have five days together.  

We often laugh about what we do.  Both of us drive long distances!!  She recently drove from her home town, just south of Geraldton, WA to Adelaide - a journey of some 3000 kms.

I recently drove from Brisbane to Hobart (yes, ferry across Bass Strait) then on to Adelaide from Melbourne, and then back home to Brisbane.  About 8000 kms!!!