Thursday, March 23

Downsizing - Getting Rid of the Surplus

With plans to move into my new abode, the Toyota Coaster - Murtle the Purple Turtle, I have to "downsize."  It is something that has been on my agenda for a while, but now it is essential I do it.

I don't call myself a hoarder, but others might.  I do have too much stuff.  Someone who does as much as I do, who has a range of artistic activities (art, jewellery making, sewing, paper making, gardening, fishing, writing).  I have a large library.  I have collections of Chinese china, and other items.  (Who has an ancient calligraphy set from China?)

I have a month to downsize.  To leave this three bedroom unit and move into the Coaster.  I will have things in storage.

 In the Coaster.  Putting my own stamp on it. Still a work in progress.
Some things I am finding easy to get rid of.  I mean, who needs 4 rulers?  OK, they were given to me.  Promotional things. But most will go. I will keep one.  Maybe.

The cosmetics in the bathroom - will keep most, but so much has been given to me and I don't use them like others do.  I just put them in the draw and as one tube/bottle empties I get another one.  Still, I get more given to me - at a rate faster than I use it.

The linen cupboard has almost been emptied.  I am putting all my spare "linen" - sheets, pillow cases, towels etc in big bags.  They will go into storage.  I have put aside some for the Coaster, but only need a couple.  I have a good supply of pillow cases and some will be used for clothing storage in the Coaster.

How long will I live in the Coaster?  6 months that's for sure.  12 months?  Maybe.  2 years?  Who knows.

So for the next month, I will prepare Murtle, and get ready to move out of the unit.  I will hopefully sell a few things.  There are two markets before I have to depart.  A lot of work to do.

In any case, I see the downsizing as positive - for when I return I expect to live in a place slightly bigger than the Coaster.  So far, I have no idea about that.

Tuesday, March 21

A New Adventure Beckons

In recent times I have been deep in tough about my next "move".  Not that I want to move from the township of Beachmere, but I was "drowning" under the high cost of renting.  My three bedroom unit was getting too big for me.  It wasn't that I couldn't manage physically - it was more mentally and financially.  I longed to spend more time writing, but along with my domestic duties I had become heavily involved with some local organisations.  I had ato learn to say "No" more often.

Then I thought I could move into a "tiny house" and spend more time working.  I spent months exploring my options and in the end decided that I would have to buy a "mobile home" and eventually took possession of a Toyota Coaster.

At the moment it is sitting out the front of my unit, as I prepare it for its next adventure.  I had not driven a manual vehicle for a while, but it came easily for me, and I have been taking short trips around the neighbourhood.  Nothing big yet.

I have so much to learn about the management of the vehicle. Meanwhile, I have cleaned out some of the previous owner's things - piles of old maps have been discarded, I've cleaned the plates, etc, and I have tried to work out where I will store all my material

It's a diesel engine - something I am not familiar with.  I have to learn how to manage the water (in, out), the gas, and much more.  

I have several weeks before I must depart this house - so am slowly packing up and working out what I have to discard (op shops), sell, pack, etc. A lot to do.

It is overwhelming at times.  I will do it.   Read more here.

Saturday, March 4

Driving Long Distance Again

I still like to drive long distances.  I drove up to Rockhampton a few days ago from my home just north of Brisbane.  I was on a mission to see something and time was an issue.  I drove up there on Wednesday March 1st and came back on the 3rd.  Around 600 kms each way.

I did stop in at Maryborough on the way up, to do some research about the Mary Poppins Festival which will be held from June 23rd to July 2nd, 2017.  

P.L. Travers, or to use her real name, Helen Lyndon Goff, was born in Maryborough, and later went to live at Ipswich and later in Allora near Toowoomba.  You can read her story here.

I went to the Visitor Information Centre at Tiaro and Maryborough, and arrived at Gracemere around 4.30 pm to spend a couple of nights with my friends.

Yeppoon Beachfront

The following day I went to Yeppoon - to do some research on a pop-up home project, had lunch at the Keppel Bay Yacht Club, and went to the Visitor Information Centre at Yeppoon.  So much to see and do and I had little time.  

I returned to Beachmere the following day, doing some research at a few spots along the way.  It is hot and humid outside the car, so I enjoying being comfy in the car.  I did consider stopping perhaps at Gympie on the way home, especially if I got tired, but I didn't so kept on until I arrived at home.

It will take me a few days to get over it all though.  Am tired now.

I like driving, but finding it a bit more tiring as I get older, so will in future spend less time driving and more time resting.  Now, am waiting to get my campervan so that will make a difference.