Wednesday, April 19

Getting Rid of Years of "Valuables"

Well, they are valuable to me.  I wonder if my family will be interested in my school end of year books?  I'm not mentioned in any of them - they are just part of my past but after some 50 years I am ready to send them to the bin.

My mother gave me a cook book on April 1st, 1966, to recognise that I had passed mu nursing exams.  It was a wonderful book but I no longer use it and it does look like it is 60 years old with yellowing brittle pages and recipes in old measuring system.  

Some books I cannot part with, but I have taken one pile to the local op shop.  They were great books but I (a) don't have room for them and (b) unlikely to read them again.  In fact I have saved quite a few that I want to read again, or can't recall ever reading.

I won't say it is easy.  It isn't but I don't want my family to have to chuck them out at some time in the future.

Moving into the van has also created some challenges for me.  I didn't know that I had to lie down and crawl a little way under the van to reach the emptying pipe for the toilet.  It is not going to happen.  I have been to Roller's favourite shop BCF, and checked out other options. I am meeting with a guy who will help me make a decision and/or hopefully do the necessary work.

I still have to buy another Roller Sticker and flag.  And practice more in the van.  You can read more here

Wednesday, April 12

Moving House - Into a Van

There's so much to do.  I am working to move out of my unit - downsizing, and move full time into my new Toyota Coaster.  
My Toyota Coaster
Well, it is not "new" - it is a 1983 model - but with a newer diesel engine.  I have had it for nearly four weeks now, but have only had one trip away in it.   It was somewhat of an embarrassment.  You can read about it here.

For the moment I am packing up my belongings in the unit.  It is Easter week, so traffic is chaos and not a good time to take out the van.  I will try and go out in the next week or so.

Many items I am giving away.  I am endeavouring to sell some items, but in the end, I accept that I will be giving many things to people who need the items more than me.

When I decide to end my vanning days, I will have to move into a smaller apartment.